technology is so famous.but why?

Technology Is So Famous, But Why?

“Technology goes beyond mere tool making; it is a process of creating ever more powerful technology using the tools from the previous round of innovation.” –Ray Kurzweil

Have you ever asked yourself why we need technology and why it is so important for us?

Just go search and you may understand why. Literally, at each instant of your time, you’re enclosed by technology. Whether or not you’re operating or resting, you’re continually victimization technology. It’s used everyplace and every one the time. Its use has created life straightforward. We want technology. It is vital. You raise why?

Places secluded have come back nearer, because of technology. The pace of life has redoubled, because of technology. Communication is fast, travel is quick, movement is straightforward, action is fast, interaction has sped up so has life. Things that when took hours to finish, will be drained seconds nowadays. The planet is smaller and life is quick.

Owing to the appliance of technology, our commonplace of living has exaggerated. Our wants square measure met with larger ease. Technology has brought advancements in agriculture, because of that food turn out has exaggerated. Because of the developments in engineering and design, building sturdy civil structures has been potential. Technology has boosted each trade. Businesses have mature, making a lot of employment opportunities. Advancements in technology have crystal rectifier to the evolution of newer and quicker modes of transport and communication. The appliance of technology has boosted analysis in fields starting from biology to extraterrestrial house. The computer and web technologies square measure present. They need modified each sector; be it medication, tourism, education, diversion or the other. Technology has touched each facet of life, creating it easier, higher and completely different. Technology has modified living. The invention of electricity drove all the darkness away and therefore the world lit up.

If not for use of technology, we have a tendency to would not are able to turn out power or harness it. Today, it may be generated through numerous means that owing to technology. Heat energy is converted into energy that drives turbines connected to an electrical generator that produces electricity. Using overhead and underground cables, the electricity will then be distributed to the tiniest of households within the farthest of world’s corners, due to technology. What created it doable to use the assorted energy sources to get electricity? Application of technology. However might electricity be channeled to places so much away? With the utilization of technology, again. Not simply basic desires, even luxuries came our manner, due to technology!

How would our basic needs be met thus simply if not for technology? Man might meet his wants even before the birth of technology. However it absolutely was thus troublesome then then rudimentary. Scrutinize today’s food – contemporary, preserved or processed, food of any kind is out there at the doorstep simply anytime. Clothing? Gosh, there is most selection and far a lot of comfort with totally different garments for various occasions and seasons. Where will technology come into your mind? all over. From food to fashion, technology contains a role to play. However else would such a lot of all this be produced? inspect today’s shelters – shelters? Tall buildings, massive bungalows, luxurious residences – however would they be engineered if not for technology!

 How will water reach homes? With the assistance of sturdy water storage and transmission systems. however do homes get the heat and cold as and once they need? Thanks to heating and air con systems. However will food be preserved while not obtaining spoiled? Thanks to refrigeration. However will civil structures be designed below water? However will skyscrapers stand therefore tall? It’s attributable to advancements in engineering and design. Earthquake-resistant and fireproof structures we have a tendency to see these days are a present of developments in technology. In short, we have a tendency to owe our luxurious lives to technology.

Businesses, little and large, would like technology to thrive. They’re growing and increasing across countries because of technological advancements. It’s technology that offers organizations the strength to unfold their wings. If not for technology, however would advance industrial processes be carried out? If not for machines, however would large-scale production of products be possible? If not for computers, however would the software system business have grown? Growing businesses produce employment opportunities for folks and technology plays a giant role in business growth. That is however necessary technology is.

Technology has modified the approach folks communicate. Communication systems have evolved from pigeons carrying messages to emails and instant messages that travel long distances in seconds. Cellular technology and satellite communication have redoubled communication speeds and created ‘connecting’ easier. The Internet has enabled straightforward exchange of data over long distances. Even now, you may be accessing this page from an online server in some far country. Simply a couple of clicks of your computer will take you anyplace on the Internet. You enter an all new world while not even realizing it!

Technology automates the foremost advanced of processes, be it in communication, education, medicine or the other industry. With the appliance of technology, crucial and long processes are dead with ease and in less time. Toilsome and repetitive tasks are best done by machines (without obtaining bored!). Folks don’t need to slog the maximum amount as they might have had to, if not for technology. With automation return potency and speed. They save human effort and time to an excellent extent and build life straightforward and cozy. Nothing else has modified living the approach technology has. And that is specifically why technology is famous these days and can continually be.

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